Is your window or door damaged? Do you have damage to your floor, tile or bath?

How does Respo Repair Solutions actually work?

Respo Repair Solutions works with various insurance brokers, expertise bureaus and, more specifically, maintains a close cooperation with AG insurance.
  1. After your claim has been reported, you will be contacted immediately to make an appointment.
  2. Our repairer will repair the damage on site.
  3. You will then receive a work order with the work done. 

Be convinced by some of our recent repairs.

What are the advantages of a repair over a replacement?

Excellent service

Respo Repair Solutions is your partner for all your repairs and renovations in and around your home, office, hotel, business. A good service is guaranteed. Respo Repair Solutions is an expert in various repair and renovation possibilities.

No breaking work

Breaking work is often not necessary when Respo Repair Solutions easily repairs the damage for you. So spare yourself the demolition work and opt for our professional repair and renovation work.

Quick service

Time is precious. So count on the quick and efficient repair work of Respo Repair Solutions, both in the case of damage to homes and in offices, hotels and businesses.

Save money

New expensive expenses are unnecessary thanks to the professional repair techniques of Respo Repair Solutions. With our quick help, costs can be reduced. Count on Respo Repair Solutions, your repair expert.

More environmental awareness

At Respo Repair Solutions we want to take care of nature and the environment. With our repair and renovation works, we choose durable and non-hazardous products and we try to reduce the waste mountain.

No worries

No longer annoy yourself with the damage. Respo Repair Solutions is an expert in repairs and renovations. With our help it looks as good as new.

No exemption

Avoid the exemption you have to pay by opting for repair in kind.

1 point of contact

We work together with other partners for glass and locks. Respo Repair Solutions does everything in its power to achieve good cooperation with the partners, so that the work always runs smoothly without inconvenience for the customer.

Any other questions?

We have already listed some frequently asked questions for you. If the answer to your question is not in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us.